Why train as an mBIT (multiple brain integration) Coach?

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Are you a coach, leader, therapist, educator or someone who is passionate about helping others to fulfil their potential?

Do you have clients or people that you lead who have difficulty in areas such as these:

  • getting motivated to achieve their goals?
  • self sabotage when things are going well?
  • lack focus and struggle to make decisions?
  • find relationships and communication difficult?
  • lack in confidence and self belief?
  • have anxiety, depression or mental health challenges?
  • Experience disempowering emotional states that prevent them from living life to the fullest?
  • have unwanted habits that they can’t break?
  • Have chronic health issues particularly in the heart or gut region.

mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) is a powerful and yet simple coaching modality that blends Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, NLP, ancient wisdom and behavioural modelling together, to bring about alignment and integration between a persons multiple brains (head, heart and gut), for wiser decision making and transformational change.

mBraining describes the complex nature of the workings of our autonomic nervous system and different neural networks, and breaks it down into a practical suite of tools that can be used to optimise human potential.

As an mBIT coach you can diagnose which brain is at the centre of a persons issue (for example the head brain might be overthinking, preventing the person from taking action on their goals (gut brain) ). Once you have calibrated the nervous system mode and the brain that is at the centre of the issue, the coach uses the foundational sequence of the mBIT coaching process to help the person harness their other brains, to find solutions and wisdom for their problems.

The mBIT process works with the ‘other than conscious’, below the conscious level of thinking. The wisdom that emerges usually can’t be found at the conscious level of thinking.

Often when people are ‘stuck’, they are trying to solve the problem at the level that it was created. Solution thinking often isn’t enough as we are so much more than just a ‘head brain’ when finding solutions to our problems.

mBraining is based on the findings from hundreds of neuroscience papers and evidence, that states we have innate wisdom and guidance in the form of other intelligences in our body as well as our mind. The heartmath institute has been researching the heart intelligence for over 30 years and the gut brain is commonly known as the second brain.

Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka both from the field of NLP and behavioural modelling took this research further by asking the ‘so what’ question.

They wanted to find out how these neural networks and innate intelligences worked together, and what this meant for human potential and behaviour change.

They discovered that successful people in the areas of coaching, leadership, therapy, behaviour and organisational change all intuitively knew ‘how’ to sequence and optimise their multiple brains to achieve the end results successfully.

From this research the mBIT toolkit was created. There are now over 3,000 mBIT coaches worldwide and this new and exciting field is growing.

If you would like to know more then come along to my free online workshop on Friday 17th March at 1pm to find out more.

You can join here 👇


You can also take a look at my website here to find out more about my next mBIT coach certification in April.

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