Why Multiple brain leadership matters

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One of my favourite books on leadership is by Tommy Spaulding The Heart Led Leader.

If it is important to you to be a leader who leads with people at the heart of what you do, then you have the potential to change your life, your organisation and the lives of the people that you touch.

In his book Tommy illustrates many case study examples of leaders with tremendous courage who have used their passion, commitment, compassion, purpose and mission driven motivation to achieve what he calls ‘love driven’ results where peoples hearts and minds can thrive. There are too many stories in the book to recall them here but the one that touched my heart the most was the one about the school shooting. I won’t do the spoiler thing incase you read the book (which I highly recommend). What stood out for me was the sheer act of love and determination that an individual embodied, as they set out on a mission to serve others from a place of love, taking tragedy to triumph ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to shine and thrive in his school.

In the book Tommy takes you on a journey of 18 inches from the head to the heart. He explores shifts in leadership styles that have moved away from the once traditional value placed upon authority, strategic thinking, and bottom line decision making, to a greater emphasis on humility, vulnerability, transparency, selfless and authenticity. There is now a greater awareness that leading with compassion and genuine concern for people creates an environment where understanding, generosity, empathy and compassion become the culture of the organisation. Organisations with this culture are more likely to secure their longevity and success.

So lets briefly talk about how leadership can be enhanced even further by leading with your multiple brains.

Science informs us that we have at least three brains – The heart, the head and the gut brains. These complex neural networks all have their own functions, they retain memory and they influence your decisions. In 2012 Grant Soosalu an international leadership consultant and Marvin Oka a world leading behavioural modelling specialist and NLP Master Trainer, discovered a large body of scientific evidence that supported the existence of these multiple brains. They discovered that these brains all have prime functions –

  • head brain – cognitive perception, thinking and making meaning
  • Heart brain – emoting, values and relational effect
  • Gut brain- core identity, self preservation and mobilisation

As well as prime functions each brain also has a highest expression which is revealed when the brains are aligned and integrated. These highest expressions of compassion (heart brain), creativity (head brain) and courage (gut brain) lead the way for wisdom to emerge in relation to the presenting challenge and desired outcome.

Many of us find ourselves in internal conflict. Sometimes we might feel overwhelmed or stressed and find it difficult to feel connected with a project or task that we are doing. There may be conflict within our multiple brains such as feeling disheartened about something, not believing that you are capable or lacking in clarity or motivation.

mBraining is the way you are using your multiple brains everyday in the way you live your life. From decision making, managing your emotional state, goal setting, motivation and taking action, relationships, personal development, problem solving and health and wellbeing. mBIT is a suite of practical techniques used to communicate with, align and integrate the intelligences of your multiple brains to bring about fulfilment, success and optimise your potential in all areas of your life.

Let’s take decision making and problem solving for example. Classical decision making theory suggests that decision making occurs through rational logic processes (head brain) and that emotion (heart brain) and intuition (gut brain) may negatively impact the process (Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff p312). This has more recently been disputed as neuroscience is now evidencing that decision making is predominantly an emotional process. However wise decision making integrates all of your multiple intelligences bringing in the head brain for logic, reasoning problem solving and creativity, the heart brain for emotions, values and compassion and the gut brain for taking courageous action and moving you towards your outcome. When all of your multiple brains are online in the decision making process, you make wiser decisions for the good of individuals and the organisation.

Leaders who lead from the highest expressions of their multiple brains – compassion, creativity and courage, create organisations that inspire and motivate their people so that everyone can work together to be the change they wish to see, and make a wise and generative difference in the world.

If this is you and your organisation then I would love to share mBraining and mBIT with you.

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