What is mBraining?

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When I introduce mBraining to my clients they are fascinated to hear that they have more than one brain.

So many of us are stuck in our ‘heads’ –  we overthink, stress about things that haven’t yet happened and probably won’t, worry about things we have no control over and ruminate over things we can’t change. Whilst we are doing all of this ‘head’ stuff, we are missing the opportunity to drop into our bodies and connect with our intuitive guidance and inner wisdom, that could support us in bringing resolve to our struggles. 

We assume that our head brain will do all of the work and it is our mindset that needs attention if we want a happier life. But what if I told you that whilst mindset is important, there are other brains that are equally as important for optimising your happiness, health and wellbeing.

  • How often do you try to solve a problem by ‘thinking’ it through only to find that you often go down a rabbit hole of confusion and overwhelm?
  • Or perhaps you are stuck in the same repeating behaviours that you want to change and you make a plan and get started, only to discover that very quickly you fall back into your unwanted habits and behaviours feeling frustrated and like a failure.
  • Maybe you are stuck in indecision about something in your life –  The new job that looks so appealing and could offer you so many more opportunities is tempting, but you are scared of the uncertainty and the changes that it will bring.
  • Do you want to make a change in your life that you know will make you happier but you are so used to doing the same thing and feeling the same way that you can’t imagine what your life would be like any other way.
  • You might find yourself stuck in states of anger, mistrust, unforgiveness, regret or shame that keep you trapped in a cycle of despair and unhappiness and feeling that you are not worthy of a happy life.
  • Perhaps your health and wellbeing is suffering because you are exhausted, stressed and stuck in the ‘busy/doing’ mode of life with no down time and self care.
We live in a time where we have become ‘heads on sticks’. We seek to understand things largely from cognition and head based rational thinking. 

We seem to have forgotten that we have a body connected to our heads that is rich in wisdom and innate intuitive guidance. The busyness and fast pace of life can often prevent us from being still and present, and listening intuitively to what we already know deep within us. We have the answers to our struggles and challenges inside of us and yet we are often looking outside of us to validate our existence, to feel accepted and to confirm that we are making the right decisions for our life. We are somewhat out of balance individually and collectively and are often disconnected from ourselves and others. Many of us are living life exhausted and unfulfilled. We mould ourselves to fit in to societal norms, rules and expectations and live by the rules and limits that we have been conditioned to believe about who we are, and how we should live our life.

So where does mBRAINING fit into all of this? How can it help you to live a life that is more aligned with who you truly are so that you overcome your struggles and achieve your potential?

Have you heard these phrases ‘follow your heart’,  ‘follow your instincts’ , ‘trust your gut’, ‘be true to your heart’, ‘don’t lose your mind’, ‘your head is in the clouds’, These are phrases that point towards us having more than one intelligence or brain. There is more than just your ‘head’ brain that is involved in the decision making of your life. Whenever you are experiencing inner conflict, chances are that your multiple brains are not communicating effectively and are not aligned with each other. When you learn to integrate your head, heart and gut brains so they are ALL online and working effectively together, you will be delighted to discover that optimal human functioning and fulfilled living are possible for us all. mBraining is the vehicle by which you express yourself fully in your life so that you thrive and shine your brilliance personally and professionally.

Ancient wisdom has known this all along

We only have to look back in time to ancient spiritual and esoteric traditions who all indicate there are several intelligences located within the human body that can be accessed and communicated with to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Science is now beginning to prove that the process of meditation focusing on mindfulness, compassion and loving kindness changes both behaviour and mood and the structure of the neural networks of the brain. Esoteric traditions have known for thousands of years how to express and embody the highest qualities of human potential through the powerful tools of their minds and bodies.

Want to know more? 

The difference between mBraining and mBIT

  1. mBraining is the way you use your multiple brains in your life and how you can align them and integrate them to achieve specific outcomes and results in your life.
  2. mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) is a practical suite of techniques for communicating , aligning and harnessing the intelligence of your multiple brains. You can access coaching with an MBIT coach who will use this process with you.

If you are a coach, leader, therapist, counsellor or educator and are passionate about human potential and helping people to thrive and flourish and you want to certify as an mBIT coach, then you can join one of my certification programmes. This is a beautiful modality to add to your practice and will exponentially enhance the work that you do with others.

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You can purchase the book ‘mBraining Using your multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff’ by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka to find out more.

Join me for the next blog in the mBraining series of introducing you to this fascinating and profoundly life changing coaching modality.

Peace Always , Sarah x


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