Using NLP to Remove Negative Emotions From the Past

Jun 1, 2023 | Health & Wellbeing, New posts, Unlocking possibilities podcast | 0 comments

Have you ever found yourself disproportionately responding in the here and now?

Perhaps you have been worrying excessively about something and then when the situation happened it wasn’t actually that bad.

Maybe you have got really angry with something that happened and have surprised yourself with how strong your emotional responses was.

Or maybe you are struggling to make a decision in the here and now because you are scared to make a wrong decision.

In this episode I talk about how the NLP practitioner group had been learning how to use NLP to change their emotional responses from the past. Changing these emotional responses can support you in living a life that is lighter and brighter in the present, and help future decisions to be aligned and congruent with who you want to be.

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