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Last weekend another group certified as ANLP NLP Practitioners.

For the past 5 months they have been on a journey of growth and discovery . They’ve learned; habits and strategies of success; language models to support personal change at an unconscious and conscious level; how to dissolve disempowering beliefs that have been keeping them stuck and limiting their potential and personal growth; how to integrate inner conflicts for greater happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing; how to communicate effectively to enhance relationships in all areas of their life and how to lead their life to live with compassion and courage so they can create the life they want.

As well as embodying the skills of NLP to self lead and enhance their own life, they will be taking their NLP skills out into the world to support health professionals in managing stress and wellbeing; support children and teenagers who have significant social, emotional and learning needs in Education; integrate NLP practices into yoga practice and in teaching people to become yoga teachers, and helping people who are stuck, overwhelmed and anxious to live a more harmonious and fulfilled life.

So what experience will you have if you train with me and what is the certification process.

Firstly my face to face training takes place in Blackpool at my training venue. The groups are small (a maximum of 9) and there is plenty of time for discussion in the open frames, and learning and feedback throughout the course. My online training has a maximum of 15.

As a trainer my values are centred around quality and connection. In order to lead change in others we have to first learn the skills of self leadership. The small group dynamics allows for self discovery time, learning and growth and lends opportunities for working with each other to enhance their communication and coaching skills. The Training process usually takes place over 5 months (1 weekend per month), and the 3 day NLP Diploma is a perquisite for attending the Practitioner.

Whilst you are training with me you get free access to my membership which means that you can attend monthly sessions online for business building, practice sessions, supervision and extra masterclasses. You also get access to an online portal of resources where you can learn about NLP and coaching. The resources such as flip charts and training materials can also be accessed here. In order to gain accreditation you will complete case studies after each weekend applying your learning for self and with others. You will also complete a self reflection journal documenting your personal growth. As well as practicing the NLP techniques each weekend you will be expected to demonstrate your embodiment of the NLP presuppositions, ANLP values and standards and your commitment to becoming an NLP Professional. Upon completing the final weekend of practical demonstrations and integration you will gain your certification 🌟 Your certification includes 3 months free membership with ANLP and CPD points with the Association for Coaching.

Who attends the course? I have trained Educators, health professionals, counsellors, coaches, holistic therapists, CEO’s, senior leaders, family support workers, early years educators, behaviour managers and pastoral staff, business owners and mental health professionals.

How do people use their skills?

Anyone who is interested in developing themselves and others will benefit from NLP. Improving relationships and communication, leading yourself and others, managing your emotional state in times of challenge, optimising problem solving skills and creative thinking, planning and goal setting, personal growth, increasing empathy and compassion for wiser decision making and motivating and inspiring others.

NLP coaching is about discovering patterns (strategies) that people have learned and are repeating to get the results they are getting. We can elicit strategies of excellence so that these can be repeated and transferred to other contexts. For example if a person has an excellent strategy for motivating themselves in a work context but finds it difficult to motivate themselves in a health and wellbeing context, the strategy can be transferred into that context by using NLP. We can also discover the strategies that are getting results that we no longer want in our life, and we can reprogram ourselves to to make new choices.

A fundamental principle of NLP coaching is to support the coachee in discovering their inner resources so they can learn to lead themselves successfully.

With greater self awareness an individual can learn to recognise how they structure their states of high potential and recognise when they have it, so they can choose to have it more often. They can also recognise when they are in congruence and alignment with all parts of who they are and what they are doing, to enhance their life and live with harmony and fulfilment.

If you are interested in training in NLP the take a look at my website

If you would like more information about training within your organisation for communication, wellbeing, motivation, resilience, leadership or team performance then send e mail on

See you soon Sarah  😊


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