The Unstuck Mindset

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The Unstuck Mindset

Do you remember when you were a child playing the game ‘stuck in the mud’?

You would be running around desperately trying not to be the one who got ‘tigged’ (unless you were me who was happy to get the tig as I didn’t want to run around 🤣). When you got the ‘tig’ (for those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, the tig was someone smacking you on the back to make you stop), you then had to stand like a star and shout stuck in the mud. You would continue to shout stuck in the mud until someone ran past you and gave you another tig (aka smack in the back), to unstuck you! 

You played it right? 😳

So anyway you might be wondering why I am reliving my childhood memories when talking about todays podcast episode. 

Feeling stuck reminds me of the stuck in the mud game. There I was stood not being able to move until someone else came along and got me unstuck. The truth of the matter is I was FREE to unstuck myself at any time. It was by following the rules of the game that I remained stuck and I could have chosen to make up my own rules if I had wanted to and unstuck myself, rather than waiting for someone to do it for me. 

Which brings me to todays episode about the unstuck mindset.

We often feel stuck in life because of the rules and limitations that we put on ourself.

❌ We stay in jobs that we are unhappy with because we believe that we won’t be able to do anything else 

❌ We tell ourselves that we are too old or it’s too late to learn new things 

❌ We don’t change our habits because we believe that we will fail 

❌ We don’t go for our dream job or set up in business because we tell ourselves that we are not that kind of person 

❌ We limit our potential because we tell ourselves that we won’t be able to do it 

❌ We stay waiting for life to happen and hope that something or someone will come along and fix us. 

In this episode I explore how you can take back control and get unstuck by;

  • focussing on what you want rather than want you don’t want 
  • Getting into a good state and feeling good to explore possibilities and options when solving problems 
  • Reminding yourself about times when you have overcome challenges 
  • Orient yourself towards a brighter future 

About Sarah:
Sarah Fletcher is a therapist, Life Coach, NLP and mBIT trainer. She helps people to discover their deep inner wisdom, and lead and live a life they love.

With 20 years experience in Therapeutic settings, Education, training and one to one coaching she has successfully helped many people to access their inner wisdom, find happiness and live the life they dreamed of.





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