The NLP well formed outcome (and more) of goal setting

May 30, 2023 | Health & Wellbeing, New posts, Personal Development, Unlocking possibilities podcast | 0 comments

Do you have clients who set goals but don’t achieve them?

Have you exhausted your options as a coach for goal setting and wonder how to support your clients on a deeper level?

This is where NLP can really enhance your coaching skills and the transformations for your clients.

NLP is a methodology that works with your clients conscious and unconscious mind. All behaviour change takes place first an an unconscious level and is revealed to the conscious when the client is ready. You’ve heard the saying ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’, right?

In goal setting it’s important to address the clients beliefs and values as well as the process of achieving the goal. If they have underlying patterns of beliefs that they are not worthy, or they are incapable, or a failure, then it’s likely that these beliefs will override the conscious attempt to achieve the goal.

In this episode I discuss the well formed outcome model of NLP for goal setting, and also explore how NLP techniques can enhance the likelihood of achieving the goal through resolving inner conflicts.

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