Riding the Business rollercoaster using NLP

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When I left my teaching position four years ago I naively thought that I was well prepared for business.

I had previously dipped my toe in to test the water, and for various reasons had fallen back in to the familiar and comfortable of doing what I knew.

So, when I finally took the courageous action to go all in with my business, I’d spent so long mentally rehearsing it that I thought I had all bases covered. To my surprise, I would soon discover that this wasn’t the case!

There are many times in my life over the past 20 years that I have been truly grateful to have NLP as a way of being. Launching into business full time was one of them and the NLP presuppositions have served me like a mentor.

So let’s start with ‘There is no failure only feedback’ which has supported me immensely in growing and progressing in my business. As someone with a ‘hurry up’ working style who was often referred to as a ‘bull in a china shop’ as a child, the driver element of this means that in my haste I sometimes make mistakes. This presupposition reminds me to take the learnings and to not get discouraged when I am not getting the results that I want. Feedback gives me the opportunity to stay focused and feeling good, rather than berating myself for making mistakes. It also enables me to take courageous action and not be afraid to move beyond my comfort zone when exploring new ways in my business.

Which takes me to the next presupposition ‘if what you are doing isn’t working, do something differentLike many people the pandemic brought an immediate halt to some of the ways I coached and trained. Zoom, Facebook lives, streamyard, online courses and virtual training became the new way of working and I had to learn fast. Flexibility was my number one skill and being consciously incompetent took on a whole new meaning! Once again NLP served me well. I was able to have fun with this new way of being. Doing things differently and learning so much in the process has enhanced the way I work and opened more opportunities for my business.

Finally, ‘choice is better than no choice’ reminds me that there are always many ways to achieve what I want. I love options and embrace the creativity that being in business brings. NLP is truly a gift we give ourselves and others to help pave the way for a successful and bright life.

So as the rollercoaster of being in business continues, I choose for it to be fun and continue to be grateful for the teachings of NLP. For me NLP is like a mentor in my back pocket, where I get to pull out a magical piece of advice that will delightfully surprise me in just the right way in any given moment. My mission is to gift as many people as I can with their own magical mentor.

If you would like to know more about my certified NLP courses, training and coaching that I offer within organisations, supervision for coaches or my coaching packages I offer you can find out more at my website


See you soon

Sarah 😊

email: sarah@sarahfletchercoaching.com 


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