Continue your NLP journey and learn the skills and tools to coach others using NLP. Change your own life and help others to change theirs. 

Become a certified NLP practitioner and learn how to use NLP as a powerful vehicle for change for your own life, and for the lives of others that you impact.  Leave the course equipped with the knowledge, tools and behavioural skills to competently, effectively and ethically support and lead others using the tools and techniques of NLP. 

Heartled transformational coaches and leaders are needed now more than ever. Be the person who creates the conditions for your clients transformational change in an ethical and safe way.
  •  Whether you are already a coach or wanting to become a coach, you will learn that the essential ingredient in any coaching/mentoring/leadership relationship is you. How you show up, will influence the relationship and the results for the people you are helping. 
  • Connect deeper with yourself and apply the tools of NLP to your own life. Enrich it in ways you haven’t previously known how to. 
  •  Learn how to connect with your intuition, and access the state for transformational change that you are pacing and leading your client towards.
  • Learn powerful tools and techniques for change that will empower your clients to unlock possibilities in their life that they haven’t even considered.
  •  Become a transformational coach, leader, mentor, educator or influencer who stands out from the crowd.   
  • Keep up to date with advances in powerful coaching modalities that create generative change so that your clients continue to evolve, grow and can self coach beyond the coaching relationship. 


LEVELPractitioner  Certification 

 2023 face to face 

 March 11/12th

April 22/23rd

May 27th/28th

June 17th/18th 

July 8th/9th 


2023 online 


Module 1 – Sept 18-20th (3 days)
module 2 – oct 16th-18th (3 days)
Module 3 Nov – 13th -14th (2 days)
Module 4 Dec – 11-12th (2 days)


9.00am – 5pm
LOCATIONWaterloo Road Blackpool, FY4 2AF or live training on zoom 

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Become a Certified NLP Practitioner

Learn powerful & effective tools for change

Continue to evolve & grow personally and professionally

Practice to become a competent NLP coach

Transform your own life

What you get at the end of the course

On completion of the course you will be an ANLP certified NLP Practitioner.

You will be able to use the tools of NLP within your current coaching practice, counselling/therapy, mentoring, teaching, leadership role or personal life. 

There are online modules to help you understand how to coach using NLP,  how to set up your coaching business, how to contract and structure a coaching session and how to move your client from their current stuck state to the transformation and results that they are looking for. If you are not already a certified coach then there is an option to further your training and development and gain a certified NLP coach certification. 

Throughout the duration of the course you get 2 months FREE access to my Unlocking Possibilities coaching Academy (RRP £97 per month) where you have the opportunity to attend monthly supervision sessions, practice sessions masterclasses and business building sessions. You can then continue to be a member of this on completion of your course if you choose to.  

How the day / course is structured

The course is delivered face to face/virtual over 10 days. You will also be expected to attend practice sessions with your peers and coaching circles on zoom to gain certification. There is a written component of case studies, questions and online modules to complete. The course is delivered over a five month period to allow time for practice, reflections and completion of case studies and online material.

Your Instructor

I’m Sarah Fletcher an INLPTA certified NLP trainer. I have been coaching and training for over 20 years and worked in Education, health and corporate organisations. I am blessed to have shared so many personal transformations and I believe that NLP truly is a gift that you give yourself and others.

I love to train the practitioner and coach certification knowing that the magic of NLP will continue to change the lives of the people that you coach.

Helping someone to release the emotional baggage that they have carried around and find the freedom in their life that they deserve, is an honour and a privilege. The transformational tools of NLP are a gift for you to share with others.

I can’t wait to start your NLP Practitioner certification journey with you.


Content of Practitioner/Coach Certification 

  • The Presuppositions of NLP 
  • Present state desired state model and setting outcomes 
  • Communication and Rapport
  • NLP strategies for change
  • language models and change work 
  • NLP frames
  • Influence and motivation
  • Parts Integration 
  • Timelines and resourcing 
  • Conscious and unconscious alignment 
  • The coaching relationship 
  • Traps in coaching 
  • How to coach using NLP 

NLP changed me and the way I work. It helped me to understand that everyone is different and that in order to change the behaviour of the children, I had to be the change. I am now a much calmer person and can create much better relationships with pupils and staff. I think everyone in education should know this as it would improve behaviour and learning in all schools. I teach it to the staff to help their classroom management and help them to understand the behaviour of the pupils and how to find a solution. I was really sceptical about it at first but it has turned out to be one of the best thing I’ve ever done.

Darren Burrows – Behaviour manager, NLP and mBIT Coach

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