Personal and Professional Development for Coaches, Leaders, Therapists and people who use coaching as part of their work.

Unlocking Your Coaching and Leadership Potential with NLP & mBIT


£47 each

Do you want to elevate your skills and potential in leadership and coaching? Do you want to bring about profound change for yourself and the people that you lead? 

I’m Sarah an NLP and mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) Coach and Trainer. I am passionate about helping people to to unlock their inner wisdom and resources so they can fulfil their potential and support others to fulfil theirs. 

These 2.5 hour online workshops are designed to help you:

  • Improve communication and relationships so you can lead others more successfully
  • Coach and lead with confidence and empowering beliefs, expressing your innate gifts and shinning your brilliance
  •  Continue to grow and evolve, and develop greater self awareness
  • Lead yourself more effectively so you make a bigger difference in the lives of others.
  • Learn a practical suite of techniques and practices to support lasting change for your clients.

Each 2.5 workshop has Association for coaching CPD points.

Beliefs of excellence & preparing to coach - January 16th 9.30-12pm

Getting yourself into the right frame of mind and energy is an essential skill for coaching. What you believe about yourself and others will influence how you show up as a coach, and how you role model for your clients what coaching can do for them.

In this workshop you will learn;

  • The NLP beliefs of excellence (presuppositions) and how to apply these to yourself and your clients to enhance your skills, communication, rapport, confidence and coaching results. 
  • How to increase your self awareness skills and optimise your coach state for more ease, flow, intuition and transformative work with your clients. 

Coaching and Leading from the highest expressions of your multiple brains - February 20th 1.30-4pm

Imagine coaching in a way that enables you to deeply connect with and utilise your innate intuitive gifts as a coach. 

When you fully express yourself from the highest expressions of your multiple brains; compassion, creativity and courage, you lead the way for your clients to live an integrated and fulfilled life too.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The prime functions and highest expressions of your multiple brains
  • A breathing practice to support alignment and integration of your multiple brains
  • An mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) practice to optimise your coaching potential. 

Thinking, perception and Behaviour - the NLP communication model - march 17th 9.30-12pm

When coaching your clients in getting the results they want, you have to first understand what makes them ‘tick. We all have a unique ‘map’ of the world made up of past experiences, beliefs, values, and memories which influence how we perceive and experience the world. Communication, rapport and behavioural flexibility are essential coaching skills.

In the workshop you will learn about:

  • the below conscious filters that people use to organise their thinking, feeling and behaviours 
  • How to enhance your filters to notice and understand your clients better
  • The role of the reticular activating system in determining how we make sense of the world.

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