Continuous Professional Development



£47 each

Do you want to continue to grow as an NLP coach and deepen your understanding of NLP?

Or are you a coach/counsellor/leader/mentor or anyone helping others, who is interested in learning how the tools and techniques of NLP can give your clients even deeper transformational change?

These 2.5 hour masterclasses are designed to increase your knowledge and support you in becoming an even more exquisite transformational coach. These masterclasses are for you if you have a high value on bringing about change for your clients effectively, ethically and ecologically.

There are no pre-requisites to attend this course although a mindset of curiosity and possibility and being open to learning new things, will enhance your experience and delight in learning the powerful tools and methodology of NLP.

The communication model of nlp - January 28th 9.30-12pm

Helping your clients to understand themselves and others better is one of the fundamental principles of NLP.

The communication model will give  your clients greater self awareness and a deeper understanding of how human beings operate.

It explains why we are all different and the role of the conscious and unconscious minds in processing and understanding the world.

This model will help your clients to expand choice and have a wider lens on how they view the world. 

The Success Strategy of NLP February 25th 9.30-12pm

This masterclass explores the pillars of NLP for success and will help your clients to stay on track and achieve their goals.

It dives into understanding more specifically how to ensure your clients continue to move forwards, and what to do if they find themselves off track.

Feedback is a key ingredient to success and we will be exploring how to do this the NLP way, to achieve success in all areas of life. 


Your optimum coaching state- March 24th 9.30-12pm

There are key things that separate an average coach from an excellent coach.

In this masterclass we will explore the coach’s ‘state’ for optimum results with their clients. You will learn how to get instant deep rapport with your clients. 

We will explore some of the presuppositions of NLP to help create a positive internal representation of your client being whole and resourceful no matter what issues and struggles they are bringing to the coaching session. 

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