NLP for Women in Business

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As a woman in business I am passionate about supporting other women in business.

I realise now that four years ago when setting up my business, I had very little understanding about what running a business full time would entail. Not only did I have to learn so much about the business side, I was surprised at how many fears, insecurities and self doubt feelings I would experience.

Here are some of the ways that I have implemented NLP to support my personal growth in my business and what I have taught other women I coach and train NLP.

1. NLP Presuppositions

These are the guiding principles that support a mindset and way of being that harnesses success and excellence. Here are some of the ones that I embody everyday to support my personal growth in my business.

  • Choice always exists

Like everyone I sometimes lack motivation, energy and focus. There are days where I feel like I have a mountain to climb and sometimes it can feel that things are not moving as quickly as I would like them to. I have found myself feeling frustrated and then returning to a default pattern of behaviour where I berate myself for not ‘doing enough’. In my experience of coaching hundreds of women this is a pretty common theme. The presupposition ‘choice always exists’, is a great reminder that we can choose how we think and feel and how we respond to situations. If things are not going as I have planned then I can choose how I want to feel about it. I can wallow in the negative and feel stuck or I can decide how I want to feel and what actions I want to take to help myself. Choice is empowering. It reminds us that no matter what is happening outside of us, we can choose how to feel about it and what actions we want to take. Choice helps to place our attention and focus on outcomes and solutions rather than getting stuck in problems. It open up possibility and creative solutions and leads to a mindset of optimism. NLP teaches you strategies for successful thinking so that you can train your brain to steer you in the direction of your dreams.

  • Behind every behaviour there is a positive intention

How often do you self sabotage? Perhaps you get offered a really great opportunity but fear takes over so you don’t take it up. Maybe you have set yourself goals and feel motivated and committed but then get distracted, go off track and find yourself not achieving the things that you want to. Perhaps you have hidden insecurities and worries that are stopping you from being visible on social media, attending networking events or telling people about your business. Perhaps you want to earn good money and have a thriving business but you hold limiting beliefs that you are not the kind of person who can make this happen. Maybe you doubt yourself and procrastinate because you feel overwhelmed or not good enough. You see the thing is what we want and what we actually do, are often not in congruence and alignment with each other. It is your unconscious that drives your behaviour and unfortunately many of us hold limiting beliefs about ourself that stop us from reaching our fullest potential. NLP supports you in dissolving limiting and disempowering beliefs and upgrading them to support your success. This presupposition means that, even though your behaviours sometimes seem to sabotage your best efforts, the intention of the unconscious mind is to protect you and keep you safe. It wants to keep you in your comfort zone because familiarity is the safe zone! We know that growth in your business is influenced by your personal growth, so NLP teaches you HOW to harness the power of your unconscious mind to support you success in your business. So if you want to overcome your sabotaging behaviours then the self work needs to be at a deep unconscious level.

  • If what you are doing isn’t working then do something different

Flexibility is the key to success. Many of us continue doing the same thing even when we are not getting the results we want. Have you got the clients you want in your business? Does your business bring you joy? Are you earning the money you want? Are you doing what you love in your business? Is it giving you the life you want? I have coached and spoken to many women who feel worn down with their business. They feel like it is an expensive hobby rather than a business. They feel stuck in repeating patterns and are not gaining the traction that they want. They are often stuck in comparing themselves to others thinking that there is something wrong with them and that they are missing the magic ingredient that will open the door to their success. Flexibility enables you to be courageous in your decision making and give new things a go. It supports you in feeling confident to change what isn’t working so you can find what does work. NLP supports you in learning how to have a mindset and way of being that leads to curiosity and expansive thinking so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t

2. Creating compelling goals and achieving them

NLP teaches you how to use all of your mind and body to achieve your goals. You learn the neuroscience behind manifesting and how to shortcut your brain to get to where you want to be. NLP is about personal excellence, self awareness and effectiveness. Setting goals with just your mind is usually not enough to achieve them. Knowing what is important to you about your goals so that you can remain motivated, consistent and connected with them will lead you on a pathway that is compelling and fulfilling. Goal setting with NLP teaches you to harness the power of your creativity so that the steps towards your goal can be accomplished. You also learn how to ask yourself powerful questions that direct your thinking away from where you might be stuck, towards where you want to be. Your plan then supports all areas of your life making it more likely for you to succeed. So on those days where motivation is low and you are struggling to see the wood for the trees, you can reconnect back with your BIGGER vision and feel uplifted knowing that you are on the right path.

3. Overcoming limiting beliefs

The way we feel about ourselves and who we believe we are impacts everything in our business. From how we show up everyday, who we connect with, the goals we set ourselves, the way we organise our day, the energy we give out and the customers we attract. the boundaries we put in place, the pricing of our services and the whole running of our business. When we hold supportive beliefs and are behaviours are congruent and aligned with who we want to be then business is so much more fun and easier. Feeling bad about yourself often leads to comparing yourself to others, feeling not good enough and trying to be someone else who you think you should be, rather than your beautiful unique self. When you trust yourself and give yourself permission to shine your brilliance, your authenticity will radiate magnificent energy and you will attract your dream clients/customers. NLP shows you how to connect with your truest and highest potential, so you feel confident and energised everyday in showing up as the fullest expression of who you truly deeply are.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks newsletter. This only touches the surface of how NLP can support you in growing a wildly successful business.

If you are a woman in business and want to know more about my coaching and training then come and join my free community on facebook and connect with me and hundreds of other amazing women in business. Or send me a message on here 😊

I also have my NLP for women in business 3 day personal development course starting on September 19th. You can take a look here to find out more

See you soon

Sarah 😊


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