New Year Same You

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New Years resolutions. I don’t know about you but I gave up on setting resolutions a few years ago when I realised I didn’t actually stick to them. For many years I started the year with  the same resolutions, get fit, get healthier, save money, lose weight, be more organised, be a better person etc etc ! Of course within the first week I had pretty much ‘failed’ at every one. I would then get the big broomstick out, hit myself with it as hard as possible (metaphorically of course), berate myself and feel ten times worse.

Several years ago after learning mindfulness and introducing a more compassionate way of living, I decided to do something different and ditch the resolutions. I realised that I could commit to being happy, resourceful, kind and grateful every day. I didn’t need a ‘new me’ as I am just enough as I am. I became aware that the best resolution I could give myself is inner peace, self- worth and compassion, and that these gifts help me to be the person I want to be in the world. I can set an intention every day that guides me in being the best version of me so that I can serve myself and others. Of course I have dreams and goals and there are things I am working towards and want to achieve. However I don’t attach the unnecessary striving and unrealistic expectations to these goals anymore. Instead I embrace the challenge and enjoy the journey. If I need to change it, I change it, if something happens that I didn’t expect then I find other opportunities or ways of working it out. I appreciate where I am and as Maya Angelou says, ‘I do my best until I know better and then I do better.’

Accept all that you are

So if you are thinking about the New Year and the new you, how about pausing and appreciating all that you are NOW. Give yourself a break, be kind to yourself and accept who you are. ‘Ego says once everything falls in to place, I will find peace. Spirit says find peace and everything will fall in to place’. Connect with your wisdom, you already have everything you need.  How about swapping the new you for the same you? We change and evolve every single day, you know more today than you did yesterday. You can choose every day to live the life you want.

Start with the here and Now

  • Check in with yourself every morning and ask yourself how do you want to feel? Pause and breathe, take a moment to slow down.
  • What do you need to do today to feel this way? What do you need to say to yourself, what can you see yourself doing, what help do you need?
  • What do you appreciate about yourself and your life. What is important to you?
  • Now take action, set your intention every day to live your life in this way

Stay focused on your intentions and bring yourself back throughout the day with mindful breathing. Check in to see if you are living your daily life in a way that you want to.

Wishing you peace and happiness always.


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