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How you learn depends on the state you are in. How you perform depends on what state you are in.

After I had completed another 3 day NLP Diploma last week I received a complimentary message from one of the attendees saying how much they had enjoyed the course and how good I was at delivering. As an NLP trainer it is important to me to model the skills of NLP. Accessing my most resourceful state for training is one of the ways I do this. I use the the Dilts model of logical levels to support me in ensuring my

  • environment is set up in a way that is inclusive for everyone.
  • I observe my behaviours (I use another NLP technique to help me with this)
  • I make sure that my beliefs, values and identify are representative of ‘who’ I want to be as a trainer, to serve my delegates in the best way possible
  • and I consider the wider impact of my teachings on a bigger scale of how NLP can make the world a better place.

I place a high value on learning and that the learning will support positive change. As a trainer I know that my state will influence the learning for my delegates so it is my responsibility to bring my ‘best trainer state’ to the training environment.

One of the first models of NLP that I teach on the Diploma is how to access and choose states of being that support you in learning and performing at your best.

When you are in a state of curiosity, interest, excitement, possibility or inquiry then you are more open to learning. You will seek opportunities and be more expansive in your thinking and creativity. The good thing about choosing ‘resourceful’ states yourself, is that you can influence other peoples states. You will know yourself how it feels to be with someone whose energy is contagious compared to how it feels when someone is a mood hoover or energy vampire! Many people have little awareness of their state and how it might be impacting others. Good communicators and influencers know how to optimise their state to engage the hearts and minds of their listeners.

Here’s a thought… as a leader imagine the possibilities that you will create for excellent performance and learning in your team, when you know ‘how’ to lead by example with your state.

Your state is a way of being in any give moment. You experience your state from the inside – from your thinking, emotions and your physiology. In order to be your ‘best’ self in any situation, it is important to enhance your self awareness to be able to recognise states of being that are supportive of what you want, and those that are not.

For example if you are giving a presentation at work and you notice that your state is hindering the success of how you will deliver, then you can learn to choose a more resourceful state. The good news is that this can often be simple to change when you have awareness of ‘how’ you are doing your state.

Here are some simple ways that you can change an unresourceful state to a more resourceful one

  1. Change your physiology – stand up tall, put a smile on your face, shake out any tension or stress
  2. Breathing – balance you breathing with equal breaths in and out (6 seconds) for a few minutes. Amplify this by feeling positive emotions such as appreciation and gratitude
  3. Come to your senses – notice what you can see, feel and hear around you. Bring yourself into the present moment
  4. Thinking – make images of something that helps you to feel good. Have a word or phrase that you associate with feeling empowered.
  5. Acceptance – accept ALL of your states of being. There is no need to judge them or feel bad. Know that you can choose ‘how’ you want to be in any given moment.

Whatever outcome you want or task you want to perform, or whatever you want to learn; ask yourself this powerful question ‘what state do I want to be in to make this easy‘ and then ‘how can I make this happen’?

If you would like to know more about NLP then come along to my free 30 minute workshop on Thursday 9th Feb at 6.30pm. If you can’t make it live then sign up anyway as I will be sending out the replay.

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