Transform your life and make changes that last 

Are you ready to fully embrace all that you are? 

Time to release those  limiting beliefs that are holding you back and get out of your own way

Are you stuck in the same repeating patterns of overthinking, feeling negative and doing the same thing over and over? Do you feel like you carry the burden of limiting beliefs that keep you from living your dreams and achieving your goals? Are you constantly spinning those plates, feeling exhausted and wondering who you are? Are you ready for change and transformation?  Is it time to dig deep inside and really discover and explore your mental, physical and emotional blocks. Learn how the power of your unconscious thoughts and feelings are driving your actions and limiting your choices. Is it time to get curious about what makes you tick, learn who you truly are and align your beliefs and values to live your life with purpose?

Are you ready to do something different?

Move away from fear, worry, stress, discontent and self sabotage

Are you fed up with feeling fearful and creating the worst case scenarios in your mind? Perhaps you are experiencing physical symptoms of stress such as lack of sleep, panic attacks, irritability, tiredness or apathy. Does your head whirr with thoughts, your mood feel low and you struggle to find motivation for things you once loved? You might find yourself making some changes and for a short time things improve, only to find that you end up back in the same place feeling even more frustrated and discontent. Do you want to end the cycle of self sabotage and learn to live with acceptance, harmony, self compassion and appreciation.

Are you ready to create more possibilities for living the life you desire? 

Get unstuck and stop settling for less than you deserve. let your light shine

Are you meandering through life sticking to your comfort zone because it’s the easy option? Is there passion and creativity within you screaming to be unleashed? Do you push your feelings and emotions down within you to keep the peace or not create conflict? Are you really meeting your needs and desires and being true to yourself? What if you accessed your most courageous and resourceful self? How would you feel if you gave yourself permission to do the things that made your heart and soul sing? What have you been dreaming about that you keep putting off or making excuses why you can’t do it? Are you afraid of how magnificent and wonderous you actually are and how bright your light within could actually shine?

It’s time to find out!  

 Hi, I’m Sarah Fletcher and I can help you Live your Life with Purpose

One of my favourite books is the Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck. The first sentence reads ‘life is difficult’.  He then goes on to explain one of the four noble truths about life’s suffering and that through acceptance and understanding life becomes no longer difficult. This took me a while to ponder and make sense of. Through my years as a therapist and coaching I have seen suffering. I have heard stories of struggle, challenge, grief, desperation and unhappiness.

I have also felt deep compassion and joy for the human spirit and witnessed the courage, determination and strength of people’s commitment to change and transformation. I have been honoured to share in many personal journeys of insight and blinding flashes of the obvious, when people realise they have always had their inner wisdom. 

I coach using my own multiple intelligences and inner wisdom. I believe that we all have the resources we need and with the right conditions and knowing where to tap, change can be quick, effective and lasting. Life can throw curve balls, life can be challenging, life is meant to be felt and experienced. We are evolving human becomings on our own unique journey. Through the Happy Woman Living with Purpose programme you will learn how to tap in to your inner wisdom, you will explore your inner world and understand how this impacts your choices and behaviours. You will learn what makes you tick and how you can make lasting changes in your life to live your life with purpose. 

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. – Maya Angelou 

The Happy Woman living with purpose membership will give you more choice in how you live your life  .


Monthly Inspire your life bundle

Each month you will have access to a monthly inspire your life bundle. Included in your bundle are three recorded classes, a workbook to compliment the classes, a meditation and extra bonuses’s each month.

affordable personal development

Happy Woman will guide you on your journey in a way that suits YOU as you are leading it.

AND you can cancel at anytime.

THE happy woman community

The face book group will give you access to other members where you can connect, ask questions and interact with my weekly live topics.

monthly coaching hot seat

Each month you can apply for the live coaching hot seat in the facebook group,  where you get an opportunity to explore a current challenge and work with me to find a solution. (Available to one person per month by application).

Happy woman process story

No slipping backWards!

Sometimes after attending coaching sessions or personal development courses, we slip back in to old behaviour patterns and lose the momentum. Being a member of the happy woman will help you to maintain your mindset, motivation and well-being so that you are more resourceful and living your best life more of the time. It’s a bit like continuing your healthy eating or exercise plan once you have lost the weight so that you maintain how magnificent you look and feel. If we are glowing from the inside then we glow on the outside 😊 

Sarah taught me how to find joy in everyday and how to go grab life. Things sometimes pecked at my head and Sarah helped me to make sense of things and now the pecking has gone! I have learned to say no and not to be as much of a people pleaser. I am less bothered about what other people think of me now and I am so much more confident. The Happy Woman course was life changing and even though I still have challenges I can handle difficult situations. I have two choices, I can mope and wallow or find the joy in everyday and get up and go kick ass. The second option is so much better than the first. 


What can I expect?

Inspire your Life monthly bundle is a coaching bundle created especialy with you in mind 

Helping you to find your purpose, aligning your values and passions

Helping you to get out of your own way and get unstuck

Helping you to stay motivated and avoid the enemy of stress and procrastination 

Helping you to release limiting beliefs and own your inner power   

Helping you to rewrite patterns of conditioned thinking, feeling and behaving that no longer serve you 


Helping you to feel more confident and appreciate all that you are 

Helping you to boost your mood and feel lighter, calmer, more connected and happier every day 

Helping you to reduce stress, overwhelm, worry and anxiety

All of this for only £27 a month

An affordable coaching programme full of inspiration motivation love and encouragement to support you in living and leading a life you love   

Work with me 1-1



 For a more personalised journey you can work 1-1 with with me guiding and encouraging you to explore your deepest and most inner world, to help you truly understand yourself and live the life you want. 

There are different options to choose from and during your FREE discover you call we will discuss the most suitable programme for you.  Coaching with me is a unique experience for everyone as we are all different. My promise to you is that I will coach you from a place of deep understanding and respect for your journey and the self discovery path that you are on. With my skills and expertise as a trained therapist and coach I will help you to cultivate a mindset of personal awareness, give you strategies and techniques to overcome your current struggles and nurture your inner wisdom so that you live a life you dream of and deserve. Following the happy woman process of truly understanding yourself, rewriting your story, making the changes and continually growing we will work together to improve all areas of your life so that you find strength when you are down, joy through pain, relinquish fear, lift your spirits and find direction when you are lost. CLAIM YOUR ULTIMATE POWER  

How I can help you

You might be wondering who I am and what I have to be able to create these wonderful courses and help you in your transformational journey

Before I tell you about my qualifications and experience I would like to tell you why the Happy Woman is so important to me and why I believe I help women successfully.

As a married woman with a family I have had my fair share of life’s challenges. You don’t get to 45 years of age and escape them! A few years ago I was having a particularly difficult time and had decided to leave my teaching job to follow the path I truly yearned for. This involved making some big decisions, overcoming my fears and accessing my courage to create the life I truly desired. It was also at this point that a huge curve ball sent me crashing down. The women in my life were the ones I turned to for support, the ones who were my greatest cheerleaders, the ones who caught me on my difficult days and helped me to believe in myself. The ones who gave their time and listened to me unconditionally and without judgement. It was because of these friendships that I was quickly able to re establish my mindset, get back on my feet and keep going. I have never been one to be defeated and I certainly wasn’t going down at the age of 42!

I had always coached women but it was at this point in my life when I realised how important it was to me to put my time, energy and resources in to helping even more women, and so the Happy Woman was created. It started with a small course in a local centre, it then grew to a face book group and more courses, more women came for one to one sessions and the Happy Woman online membership is the next step to reaching even more women.

The boring stuff and the qualifications go like this. I’m a UKCP registered Psychotherapist and have been for 18 years. I’m trained in various coaching modalities such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT). I am a qualified teacher and worked in education for 18 years and I am now a recently certified trainer of NLP. I have fancy letters after my name and belong to many awarding bodies for my profession. However in my opinion although I believe in accreditation and continued learning, that doesn’t necessarily make you good at what you do. For me it is my passion, my desire to serve others, my thirst to learn so that I can share with others, and my curiosity of what makes people tick that is my driving force for helping people in the best way that I can. I love my work and am truly grateful to all of the women who I get to share my passion with and who allow me to share their journey. 

All of this for only £27 a month

An affordable coaching programme full of inspiration motivation love and encouragement to support you in living and leading a life you love 

Having met Sarah for a one to one session my perspective on life has gone from strength to strength. The insight I gained from the mbraining coaching and NLP subsequently opened the doors to self hypnosis and I am now attending the NLP Practitioner training. I can’t quite believe that I am the same person, many have commented that I have transformed. I really recommend the Happy Woman 


Sarah is absolutely amazing. She is intuitive and insightful. If her courses or one to one sessions  were on prescription the world would be a much better place. She has changed my approach to life and my self confidence has increased enormously. I can’t thank her enough. 


I completed the happy woman programme with Sarah. We covered many things including self care and meditation which I use daily. I really have changed my thoughts and ideas on being a happy woman. I went on to complete the NLP Diploma something which I hadn’t done before and was very nervous about. I learned to strip bare the thoughts and beliefs about what I thought I should be and learned to control my inner chatter. I am so looking forward to the future.


A huge thankyou for the NLP Foundation Diploma course. Your experience and knowledge is inspiring and you consistently gave 100% throughout the course with no dip in enthusiasm. The whole course taught me so much and the lightbulb moments keep on coming. It was a privilege to be in a great group in their company and yours. 


The beginnings of my happy woman journey was definitely a gift for which I am grateful. A friend had invited me to a meditation session and it came at just the right time. The session changed my life. I am now attending the NLP course with Sarah and she is a knowledgeable and inspiring trainer. She has taught me how to change my thinking to achieve my goals. My mind is so much more clear, my memory has improved and my aches and pains have lessened. I am now living and enjoying life with so many more possibilities. Sarah brings joy to everyone she meets.


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