Coaching and Leading with the NLP Outcome and Ecology Frame

Jun 15, 2023 | Health & Wellbeing, Leadership, New posts, Unlocking possibilities podcast | 0 comments

Coaching is essentially about helping people to have more choice.

More choice in how they think, more choice in how they feel and more choice in how they behave.

One of the ways that you can do this is to offer different frames in which the person can view the world through. Imagine your favourite picture hanging on the wall in a frame. Now imagine changing the frame. The frame changes the picture.

This is how coaching works. Give someone a new frame in which to perceive life through, and how they see life changes.

The outcome frame in NLP invites you to focus on what you want rather than the problem. The ecology frame invites you to consider the wider consequences that the change might bring and supports you in navigating change successfully.

This episode gives you a brief overview of these frames and explores how they can be used in coaching and leadership to support change.

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