Sarah Fletcher

Happy Woman
Coaching for women

As a therapist, Life Coach and NLP trainer I help women like you to ‘pause and check in’ with themselves and ask if they are truly living their best life? And if not, what is stopping them? How are they getting in their own way?  Using coaching techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming & Multiple Brain Integration Techniques I coach women to align their multiple intelligences of creativity, compassion and courage to live their life whole heartedly and access their deepest inner wisdom. With 20 years experience in Therapeutic settings, Education, Training and one to one coaching I have successfully helped many women to access their inner wisdom, find happiness and live the life they dreamed of. 


Have you ever felt stuck in life?

Feelings of overwhelm, groundhog day, worrying about anything and everything, losing sleep, feeling exhausted and wondering what your purpose, desires and passions are?

Sarah Fletcher Life Coach and NLP PractitionerWell, you are not alone. Many women that I work with feel like this.

Have you found yourself questioning who you are, what is important to you and the direction you are taking? Has a feeling of discontent or dissatisfaction slowly crept in and are you finding yourself yearning for something more, but not knowing what this ‘something’ is? You might have encountered an attack of the ‘guilts’,  ‘I shouldn’t be feeling like this, my life isn’t that bad, I have my job, family and friends, ‘why can’t I be happy, what’s wrong with me…. The cycle is then perpetuated as the inner judge and critic takes over. I’ve heard women speak to themselves worse than they would to someone they don’t like. Berating themselves, sabotaging their success, not meeting their needs and losing their identity. The warmth, compassion and kindness that they demonstrate to everyone else seems to be forgotten when applied to themselves. They put themselves at the bottom of the pile and sometimes forget they exist. This can lead to living life on autopilot, existing through everyday rather than thriving and loving life. Does this sound familiar?

The Happy Woman Programme helps women to pause and check in and to become curious about what is really going on inside of them.  

It invites you to take time off the hamster wheel of life and to dig deep inside. The classes, meditations, resources, facebook page and live videos will help you to expand your thinking to create new possibilities, and to find ways of thriving and living with purpose. The Happy Woman integrates the coaching methods of Neuro Linguistic Programming and multiple brain integration techniques as well as positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Solution focused techniques. Taking you on a journey from feeling stuck to transforming and harnessing your inner power and choosing consciously how to live your life. My belief is that everyone has the ability to tap in to their inner wisdom and create a life of opportunity and possibility.

How I can help

The courses and content of The Happy Woman Living with Purpose and Business Mindset, are designed to take you on a journey from your current feelings and state of mind to the life you are dreaming of. Through accessing your magical and amazing inner resources you will come to realise that you have everything you need within you to create the life of living with purpose and fulfilment.  You are already so much more than what you think you are. Life is a magnificent journey of ups and downs and transformation occurs at a deep level so that change is long lasting and continuously evolving.


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