How to Transform your Life

Journey from feeling stuck or unfulfilled to living the wholehearted purposeful life you dream about

Hi, I’m Sarah the initiator of The Happy Woman, a coaching programme full of valuable resources helping you create your mindset of success, so you live your life with purpose.

I can show you the exact steps you need to take to create lasting change in your life. No matter where you are in your journey I can help and I know that you will find the Happy Woman a great place to be.

 Living life with more choice in your thinking, feeling and behaviours


Many women that I coach feel stuck. Stuck in their habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Stuck in their repetitive daily life and routines. Stuck in self sabotaging behaviours and unhelpful habits. Stuck in internal conflict with their inner chatter telling them what they ‘should’ be doing, when their heart is yearning for a  more fulfilled and connected life. Stuck with limiting beliefs about themselves, their capabilities and playing small when they want to break free and own their tremendous gifts and talents.   Is this you? Would you like to move from stuck to CHOICE? 


Trapped in the compare and despair mindset? Not necessarily feeling unhappy but rather a sense of stagnation, lack of fun or creativity? Feeling guilty that you feel this way as you have the job, the family, the house, the car so shouldn’t you be grateful? Dreaming of an escape where you can be ‘you’, doing what makes your heart sing and following your dreams. Perhaps you have forgotten who you are, lost your identity in doing what other people expect of you rather than what you truly desire?  Is this you? Would you like to move from trapped to FREEDOM?


Too busy, too much to do, never enough time, someone always demanding something of you? Do you find it difficult to say no? Are you a people pleaser and find yourself saying yes to things you don’t want to do? Do you commit to too many things and end up feeling exhausted, resentful, frustrated or angry. Are you tired and not meeting your own needs?  Are you on the hamster wheel of life that is preventing you from pausing long enough to even know what your needs are? Is this you? Would you like to move from overwhelmed to CALM?


Do you get a sense deep within that you could be more? Could you Love yourself more compassionately, more joyously and wonderously? Is your beacon of light within shining as brightly as it could or does it feel dimmed? Are you as courageous as you would like to be or do you tell yourself stories that you are not good enough and don’t deserve to live the life you desire. Do you live in alignment with your values, or do you ignore what is deep in your heart and settle for your comfort zone? is this you? Would you like to move from Unfulfilled to living with PURPOSING? 

Welcome to Happy Woman


As a woman in my 40’s with a family and a business I know how challenging life can be when it feels that everyone wants a piece of you, and you are struggling to balance your own needs with the expectations of others. It can leave you feeling exhausted, resentful, frustrated, discontent and wondering who you are and what you need. As a therapist, life coach and trainer I have worked with many women experiencing that overwhelm, so you are not alone and I am here to help.

Through my Happy Woman membership group, you will have access to classes, meditations, powerful mindset techniques, face book lives, inspirational blogs, and support. You will reconnect with your true self, identify your current beliefs and blocks and find your own unique way of being so that you live your life in the way you desire and with purpose. There are also loads of freebies for you to start your journey if you are not yet ready for the Happy Woman membership. Wherever you are in life the happy woman can help.  

I can show you the exact steps you need to take to create lasting change in your life and I know that you will find the happy woman a great place to be. 

You can do this and I am so looking forward to being part of your transformational journey.

Love Sarah

The Happy Woman Process

  change your life with my step by step process for lasting and constant change.

Happy woman process story

Free Discover You Call

Many people have no idea what to expect in a coaching relationship which is why I offer a FREE DISCOVER YOU call.

This gives us a chance to get to know each other, highlight the areas in your life that you want to explore and decide how we will work together.

There is NO OBLIGATION to book with me from this session, although usually by this point women I have coached are so fed up with feeling how they feel, that they are ready to take courageous action.

Are you ready?

Happy Woman Membership

Are you ready to fully embrace all that you are? Transform your life and make changes that last 

Join the Happy Woman journey and learn how to do more of what you love, worry less and live with more choice in how you think, feel and behave in all areas of your life.

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