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Hi I’m Sarah

An NLP and Highest Potential Coach and Trainer.

I help people who want to develop themselves and others with the life changing tools of NLP, Positive Psychology and the Neuroscience of their multiple brains.

Through transformational personal development programmes, coach certification programmes and training workshops I blend together the tools and techniques of NLP, Positive Psychology and mBraining, to help you unlock the possibilities within you, so you can unlock possibilities within others.  

Change your life with Neuro Linguistic Programming and unlock possibilities that you haven’t yet imagined.

NLP and Multiple Brain

coaching and training  

Many people get stuck in repeating unwanted habits, not feeling good enough, caught in the cycle of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion and struggle to function optimally on a daily basis. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this and it is surprisingly easier than what you might currently believe, to live a fulfilled life. When you know how to programme your brains for success, it becomes easier to turn your struggles into breakthroughs, follow your dreams, achieve your goals and enhance all areas of your life. 

I offer 1-1 coaching packages and personal development courses. I work within organisations and Education training teams to lead, inspire and motivate themselves and others. I offer certified NLP and mBIT coach certifications and supervision. 

Why Neuro Linguistic Programming? (NLP)

NLP gives you powerful tools for personal change, self inquiry, self discovery and transformation. It is effective in helping to manage emotional states, create successful thinking and behavioural patterns, create harmonious relationships, improve communication and influence, perform at your best and lead and cultivate a life with purpose and passion. Based on modelling excellence NLP brings you back to your core essence of who you truly are so you can live your life with more ease, joy and fulfilment.  


mBRAINING is founded on the neuroscience of our multiple intelligences. Did you know that you have a head, heart and gut brain? Inner conflict, feelings of dissatisfaction, struggling to make decisions, stress, anxiety and burnout are often caused due to a lack of coherence and alignment of your multiple intelligences. mBIT coaching is a suite of practical tools that aligns these intelligences so that innate intuitive wisdom can emerge and problems transformed.  

Make an impact
Ripple out the change


I offer face to face and online NLP courses from the foundation concepts through to NLP coach certification. NLP offers powerful personal transformation as well as training to become a coach helping others to transform their lives. 


The certified mBIT coach certification is for people who want to coach using this transformational method. I also offer leadership training and personal development courses based on the principles of mbraining. 

Live a heart led life

Be the change you wish to see


Are you ready to make changes in your life? You know that you are meant for more but you have got stuck in doing what you have always done. You feel that life is passing you by and you want to break free from your self imposed limitations and rules of life.  Coaching helps you to explore current patterns of thinking and ways of being. It empowers you to expand your current map of the world and take courageous action so you can live a life you love. 

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Thank you for being here. I am passionate about helping people to embrace all that they are and live a life they love.

It is really important to me that my coaching and training is ethical and brings about change for people in a way that is right for them. I have been coaching and training for 20 years and am truly grateful for every student and client that I get to teach and share what I love. I believe whole heartedly that we all have the potential to lead and live a life that inspires us and others, and that we can all have a positive impact in the world.

Take a look through my website to see for yourself the transformations and life changing results that my coaching and training brings. You are a gift to the world in your own unique way and you deserve to celebrate all that you are and shine your light. The world needs more people who are willing to step forward and become their most compassionate, creative and courageous selves.  I would be honoured to share your journey.   


As a coach within Education NLP has helped me immensely in building relationships with the children and helping them to improve behaviour. I use NLP techniques to explore the causes of their behaviour and then facilitate change by empowering the pupils to find more helpful responses when they are stressed, anxious or upset with a teacher or situation. It has also helped me to build good relationships with staff and share some of what I know to help their relationships with the children. Often it can be a simple thing like changing the tone of voice or a word that they are using that can change the response from the child. In my experience people are often not aware of how they are being perceived. NLP teaches you to become more self aware so you understand how to build more successful relationships and get better outcomes for everyone.

Alison Thompson – NLP and mBIT coach

I didn’t realise how much I needed NLP in my life until I had completed my Diploma with Sarah. She made it fun, enjoyable and easy to understand and implement. My life changed from the first weekend of my course and I can honestly say I’m in a completely different mindset than I was before NLP. I can’t recommend Sarah and her training she is awesome

Gail Cartmell – owner at Unique Events

I really enjoyed the NLP training.  As a teacher I feel that the foundation diploma fine tuned my hearing skills, tuning into the language that my learners choose to use, enabling me to build an increased rapport with them, and understand them better. My choice of language has changed to outcome focus encouraging learners to consider what they want to gain out of a situation. I am looking forward to continuing my NLP training to become a coach.

Haley Reiley – Teacher

I have been a headteacher for nearly 5 years, and a teacher for over 20 and I can honestly say that completing my NLP training has been one of the best CPD training decisions that I have made. Not only does NLP help with personal coaching, self improvement, strategic thinking and planning, it transfers to the business and work side too.  NLP has supported my growth and enabled me to use the highly effective practical planning tools and exercises to focus and drill down to important values, ways to improve all relationships, actively achieve strategic and operational goals and show real impact. I highly recommend sarah’s training. 

Anne Kyle – Headteacher NLP and mBIT coach 

Using NLP for Creativity and Innovation

Using NLP for Creativity and Innovation

When I was in my 20’s and early 30’s I used to spend Sunday afternoons ironing. I would stand at the ironing board for what felt like hours doing something I found no joy in. You see ironing on a Sunday afternoon…

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